Photo: A file photo from 2015 of Mehrdad Jamshidian

Belarus Orders Expulsion Of Christian Convert Facing Death Penalty In Iran

Photo: A file photo from 2015 of Mehrdad Jamshidian Belarusian authorities have ordered the expulsion of an Iranian man who has converted to Christianity and is wanted by Tehran for apostasy and alleged murder, despite warnings by international human rights organizations that he would be at risk of torture and the death penalty if sent back. […]

Татьяна Смоткина заняла 2-е место в конкурсе журналистских работ "Беженец XXI века"

‘The refugee of the 21st century’ journalist contest winners announced

‘The Centre for Refugee Support’ has summed up the recently announced journalist competition results, dedicated to the problematic of forced migration. The competition was implemented in cooperation with ‘Journalists for Tolerance’ Human Rights Initiative. The jury included a number of high-profile journalists and human rights defenders. The awarding ceremony took place at the central office of Belarusian […]

Teenagers escape war in Syria, find new troubles in Belarus “Everyone living in Syria now, please note, we must find Volha Nikalayeuna Fyodarava from Belarus. She left Aleppo eight years ago, leaving behind children with her husband. The husband died, the boys were left alone. Maybe someone knows her?” Half a year ago, volunteers all over the world began to search for Vitsebsk dweller […]


Photo: Kastus Zhukouski with his family. Photo from the personal archive A freelance journalist from Homiel Kastus Zhukouski spoke in public about the existence of threats to him and his family and asked for asylum in one of European states in January 2019. He refuses to tell the country of his present stay for security […]

Implementation Of Legislation On The Forced Migration

Over 5,500 applications for getting the refugee status or subsidiary protection in the Republic of Bearus have been submitted to the Belarusian governmental authorities since 1995, when the first Belarus Law, which regulated the issues of the forced migration was adopted. The situation with the flow of forced migrants, coming to Belarus, was stable until […]

Analytical Note About Development Of Asylum Granting System In Belarus

Since 1990-ies migration of population on the territory of the former Soviet Union has fundamentally changed. The separation of social links, the appearance of military conflict zones, the growth of violence and other factors led to the increase of force migration trends, which appeared to be dramatic for millions of people. According to article 12 […]

a guy from pinsk district suffered from two horrible diseases. The belarusian authorities refused to treat him for free subject to the absence of belarusian citizenship

Yury Amiachuk passed away at the age of 21. Before his death, he lived in the village Pachapava, Pinsk district. The guy’s family moved from Ukraine to Belarus in 2002. The parents got employed at ‘Pachapava’ agricultural open stock company and the employer provided the family with housing. However, Yury’s father broke his backbone 15 […]


A cycle of reports about the life of Chechen asylum-seekers in Brest What makes people leave their houses, break the usual way of life, to leave for nowhere, obeying the blind hope? To escape from torture by electric current, from beatings, from the endless stream of threats. It is hard to imagine that representatives of […]